Thought Leadership Redefining Possibilities

How do we bring about better social outcomes? What works and what doesn't? What is scale and how do we achieve it? Time to think out of the box.

Innovating for a Better World

Whilst there have been improvements in sustainable livelihoods over the past 15 years, much remains to be done. Making significant progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 will require innovative solutions and innovative partnerships. Social innovation can help bridge this gap - but only if done at scale.

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Re-imagining Business

Last year, Business Leadership South Africa signed a Contract with South Africa, aimed at outlining its members' commitment to "creating a South Africa of increasing prosperity for all". Potentially, this contract presents an opportunity to fundamentally reshape South African business' relationship with society - but what would that take?

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Towards a New Theory of Change

In much of the developing world, political parties - through control of the state - have been historically seen as the key engines for bringing about economic prosperity and a more just society. However, this expectation has not come to pass in many developing countries. To fill the void, civil society has been taking an increasingly active role in tackling social problems. So, perhaps we need a new theory of change?

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