Our Services Driving Impact

Bringing about large-scale social change requires work at three, mutually reinforcing levels i.e. at the level of the system, the organization and the individual.


We facilitate systems change through:

  • Mapping systems to understand the driving forces of social problems and their root causes.
  • Working with different stakeholders to drive social change based on a common agenda, a collective programme of action, a shared measurement system and co-accountability for the achievement of agreed outcomes.
  • Helping governments develop and implement national strategies, regulatory frameworks and incentive structures that encourage the growth of social innovation.

We strive to increase organizational impact through:

  • Supporting companies, development agencies and foundations to develop and implement social innovation programmes.
  • Providing intermediary services to impact investors to ensure that invested funds achieve their impact objectives.
  • Developing outcomes-based enterprise development programs that assist social enterprises to scale-up their reach and impact.
  • Working with infrastructure managers to improve the productivity and impact of their infrastructure programmes.

We support individual change-makers through:

  • Leadership and relationship systems coaching to enhance the capacity of social innovators to be effective systems change leaders.
  • Action learning-based executive education programmes focused on bringing about tangible, measurable impact at workplace level.

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